The business card has not seen innovation since its creation.

Until now!

Why Digital Cards?

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Never Order Cards Again

As a business professional, you have a lot on your mind.  Ordering more business cards should not be one of them.  A digital card allows you to go through the design process once and never think about it again.

Clients Won't Lose Your Card

Ever wonder if a client hasn’t reached out because they misplaced your card?  With DigiCard, it’s right there on their phone never to be lost again.

Plus, when you send them your DigiCard you’ll capture their contact info and be able to follow up.

Your Card Is Always With You

Ever reach into your wallet to give someone a business card and realize you gave your last one away?  The days of forgetting your cards are behind you.  As long as you have your phone, you have your cards.  Never write your contact info on a napkin again.

Saves Money

By not having to reorder every few months you will save hundreds of dollars during the lifetime of your business.

If you are with the same company and need to update some basic information like your phone, address or job title,  you don’t have to throw away boxes of cards and reorder.  Let us know and we will send your update free of charge for the first year.   After that, we give our loyal customers updates for $50. 


We all know what happens to old fashioned business cards once someone finds the next trash can.  Our DigiCard revolution is going to save thousands of pounds of waste, not to mention all the trees that will be spared.  If you are environmentally conscious, then the DigiCard is a no brainer.

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